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New Top Level Domains: Gerstenberg "Official Agent" for Trademark Clearinghouse Services

Better Protection for Trademark Owners during the introduction of new Top Level Domains

Gerstenberg is an "Official Agent" for the Trademark Clearinghouse, the central agency for receiving and clearing claims to certain domain names by trademark owners. This means that we can protect trademark owners in the context of the introduction of new top level domains even better. 

We are in a position to record your trademarks with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). That will enhance their protection against cybersquatting, i.e. the registration by third parties of domain names corresponding to registered trademarks. That protection is achieved through two separate services:

First, trademark owners with verified TMCH trademark records are entitled to a privileged registration of domain names during the so-called sunrise period, giving them a headstart on cybersquatters and other third party registrants without a valid TMCH record. 

Second, trademark owners may choose to be notified of any attempts by third parties to register domain names corresponding to their TMCH trademark record even where they have chose not to register them themselves. At the same time, the potential registrant will be notified of the trademark record existing with the TMCH, avoiding any dispute over whether the registrant acted in good faith or not when it comes to recovering the domain name. 

We recommend recording your trademarks with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

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