Pharmaceuticals and medical products law

  • Counsel on classification issues and product conversions (pharmaceuticals, medical products, food and cosmetics)
  • Marketability appraisals of medical products
  • Counsel and representation in therapeutic products advertising law
  • Advisory on industry standards and codes
  • Counsel on the implementation of national and European licensing and registration procedures for medical products and in the scope of registration proceedings for medical products and in-vitro diagnostics
  • Counsel re the execution of clinical trials, observational studies, performance evaluations
  • Counsel re issues related to social law, e.g. the refundability of pharmaceuticals and medical products
  • Advisory re the implementation of "Good Practice Standards (GLP, GPM, GCP) and the ISO certification
  • Counsel on compliance systems and cooperation with doctors and pharmacists
  • Counsel on Internet sales of pharmaceuticals and medical products (eHealth)
  • Counsel for single and parallel import of pharmaceuticals and medical products
  • Counsel on liability issues relating to pharmaceuticals law
  • Pharmaceutical-specific contract law (link)
  • Counsel on issues of medical ethics and professional standards and professional legal proceedings


Dr. Hartmut Krafft

Dr. Christoph Hegele

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